Times Can Change

In the not so distance past I went through a phase for several months where all I did was photograph people against a blank wall with a single flood light. I admit this was purely out of a laziness, and more than a little bit out of depression. I couldn't quite bring myself to pack up the camera gear and drag myself into the great outdoors no matter how good the weather. I wanted to take pictures, but I didn't want to think about them or invest anything of myself in the outcome. 

Looking back on these images, I enjoy them a lot more than I thought I would. Not so much because I think the work is great, but more because I'm not in that frame of mind anymore. I'm excited about what I do again and I'm willing to take some chances. I'm not the person squirreled away in an empty living space nor am I afraid of what I can accomplish. Sometimes experiencing a photograph is more about what you aren't instead of what you are and that is a powerful thing when you think about it.